RealPlayer Version Free

One of the first media players, supporting many formats

Real Player is one of the first media players, it has been released in 1995, a year when most countries had just begun connecting users to the Internet (and that's a fact) and was mainly used for playing video and audio files of young stars such as Humphrey Bogart and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (of course, we're just messing around).
Nowadays, the player allows a lot more than mere video or music playing. For example, you'll be able to burn your songs or movies onto CDs or DVDs directly from your player, you'll be able to convert files between different video formats, and you'll even be able to flag online video clips you like for later playing.
Real Player will enable you to conveniently share your video clips through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, as well as conveniently transfer them to your iPhone, iPad, or Android.
An anonymous media player
One of Real Player's most intriguing advantages is the anonymous media playing mode. This mode enables you to protect video files with passwords, which cannot be access without the appropriate password. Of course, the main reason for using this feature is keeping a beloved spouse from finding out about that video clip you're preparing for their birthday, and not, heavens forbid, keeping your parents away from video clips that wouldn’t make them the happiest parents alive.
Real Player offers additional, more advanced features, but those are available in the registered version, for a fee. These features include recording capabilities, faster file download and conversion, and a neat feature that locates duplicate songs in your folders and erases such duplicates.
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